Erica’s Story

I was about six months along when I decided adoption was the right plan. I knew that if I parented, I could not give my baby everything I wanted him to have. I also knew that if I placed him for adoption, I could give him the world. I recently talked to the adoptive parents, and they said all he does is giggle. At that point I felt like God had come down and given me a kiss because I had done something so wonderful.

Laura’s Story

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was in the middle of my senior year of college. My boyfriend and I had been together for almost two years, but we both knew we were in no place to raise a child. I really didn’t have any idea how to begin the adoption process, but I decided just to email a counselor at Adoption Minnesota. Beginning with the very first email, I knew this was the agency I wanted to work with.READ MORE

Julie & Sean’s Story

When we first discovered that Julie was pregnant, we had lots of questions about what we should do. We knew adoption was one option, but we really didn’t know much about it. So we decided to contact Adoption Minnesota to get some information.

Julie was really nervous about calling, but the birth parent facilitator who took her call was very kind and understanding. She explained the process clearly and sent us written information. We loved our baby very much already, and we wanted the best for him, so we knew it would be a hard decision to find a family we could really trust to give him the best.READ MORE