Claire & Maria

We are ready to love and care for a child!
We have been together for close to ten years and have built together a loving and supportive community, which is anxious to welcome a new member of the family into our circle.  We live in south Minneapolis and value deeply all the things the city has to offer – beautiful parks and playgrounds, neighbors from all over the world, and space to grow our garden and raise our chickens. We also love to travel and adventure. We spend a lot of time visiting new places and learning new things.  Maria is a family doctor and Claire works in human services. We are both committed to making things better for all people.

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Hobbies & Interests

Making beautiful things grow in the garden, spending lots of time with our nieces, nephews, siblings and parents, adventuring in the great outdoors (camping, canoeing, fishing, skiing and more!), playing instruments and dancing, celebrating holidays with parties and traditions, cooking up delicious treats for friends and their families, being active in this world for peace and justice.