Jonathan & Becky

Choosing adoption for your baby takes so much courage. In the difficult moments, please know that you are making a family’s dream come true. Our little family was built through adoption, and we have more love for our son’s birth family than I could ever explain. We want our children to grow up knowing two things. One: We love them all the time. We love one another on the frustrating days and on the beautiful ones. Two: Life is not always easy, but we will do it together.

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Our Hobbies

Our family loves to be outside. We bike on the trails behind our house, build bonfires, kayak, camp... anything that gets us out into the world. Becky loves to experiment with new recipes and play volleyball. Jonathan enjoys fishing and testing Becky's new recipes. Isaac can't get enough of the roller coasters at Valleyfair, riding his bike, or playing tag. Cody (the 11 year old lab) is obsessed with tennis balls, tennis balls, and tennis balls.