Hand-crafted adoption services

Making the adoption process easier for your clients

Adoption Minnesota has been serving the needs of adoption attorneys, agencies and counselors throughout the United States for over 25 years. We are the largest American infant program in Minnesota. Our goal is to provide you with complete adoption services within whatever time frame you need, and to deal with your clients in a compassionate, professional manner.

We are experienced in all phases of the adoption process, which includes providing services to both adoptive parents and birth parents, and completing all that is needed to transfer babies from Minnesota to other states. We work closely with the AAAA attorney at the Shively Law office to ensure that all legal issues are addressed. We would be more than happy to work with you and your clients, whatever your needs may be!

Services For Attorneys

We are very sensitive to the important role attorneys play in the adoption process. We require that clients working with us, whether adoptive families or birth parents, have their own legal representation. This ensures that all applicable laws are followed, and no one is ``in the dark`` about their legal rights. We can handle both Independent Adoptions and Agency Adoptions.


Services For Agencies

Adoption Minnesota agency is a non-profit organization, which is licensed by the Department of Human Services as a child-placing agency. We have provided services since 1989 to both birth parents and adoptive families in Minnesota. We are here to compliment your services and assist your clients in a compassionate, professional manner.


Adoption Minnesota has decades of experience with interstate adoptions.

We have the expertise in completing and submitting ICPC requirements with any state in the country.

We can create a specialized package of services for  the situation you or your clients have in Minnesota. We are extremely flexible and will work within your time frame.

Information for Attorneys

Attorneys often have questions about Minnesota law and its application. We work closely with the AAAA attorney at the Shively Law Office, who is an excellent source for information on our courts and legal processes. We can provide you and your clients with the following services:

  1. Information about Minnesota laws and legal processes.
  2. Counseling for Minnesota birth parents who are placing their child in another state, both before the child is born and after the placement.
  3. Help for out-of-state adoptive parents who are coming to Minnesota to receive a child, including advice on where to stay, what will happen once they are here, and support during the wait to return home.
  4. Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children filings.
  5. Work with Indian children to whom the Indian Child Welfare Act applies.
  6. Adoption home studies for Minnesota adoptive families.
  7. Post-placement work and workshops with Minnesota adoptive families.
  8. Many Adoption Minnesota clients come from other states, and we have placed children all over the country. Our expertise in interstate adoptions comes from years of experience.

Information for Agencies

Adoption Minnesota is experienced in all phases of adoption process, including birth parent and adoptive parent counseling, the transfer of children from Minnesota to other states, and special needs children including all racial and ethnic groups as well as children with physical or emotional disabilities. Services we can provide include:

  1. Adoption home studies for Minnesota adoptive families which can be used for independent or agency adoptions.
  2. Counseling for adoptive families including how to work with a birth parent, composing a “Dear Birth Parent” letter and dealing with the wait to adopt.
  3. Counseling and help for families from other states coming to Minnesota for a placement.
  4. Counseling for birth parents including planning the adoption, how to work with adoptive parents, the hospital experience, deciding on future contact or information and the grief process. Our counselors visit the hospital when the baby is born and arrange the discharge and continue working with birth parents for as long as they need help. We will go to them wherever they are in Minnesota.
  5. Taking Consents to Adoption from birth parents.
  6. Compiling and submitting of Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children packages.